Mr. Devi Prasad Singh

Chairman (Former Judge Allahabad High Court)
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0522-2310624(R) +918005498811(M)
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  • B.Sc LL.B from K.S.Saket (Post Graduate) College, Faizabad, U.P. India.
  • Enrolled as an Adcovate on 14.12.1976 from U.P. State Bar Council.
  • Practiced in Civil, service and constitutional matter.
  • Elected twice as member of Bar Council of U.P. and worked in different committees of State Bar Council.
  • Became the Chairman of U.P. Bar Council from 19.05.2002 to 19.05.2003.
  • On 21.12.2003, elevated as Judge of Allahabad High Court.

  • Philosophy of Life-Random Thoughts(2011)
  • Morality in law (2012) published by Eastern Book Company. Only book on the subject of India Author particularly Judge.
  • Law and reality containing chapters on corruption, separation of power, female foeticide, sexual abuse of child, Legislative overruling etc.

  • Former Member of Administrative Committee of Allahabad High Court.
  • Former Member of Internal Supervisory Committee,(highest body authorized to make inquiry or investigate the matter of highest stake)
  • Former Chairman of Library Committee for Allahabad and Lucknow.
  • Former Chairman of Framing guidliners for re-employment/re-engagment of the retired officers/officials of the High Court and the subordinates Courts(Registrar(Accounts) and joint Registrar(Inspection)).
  • Former Chairman of Grant of approval under Rule 20(v) (b) of the Allahabad High Court(Right to information) Rules, 2006 for lucknow Bench.
  • Former Chairman of Protocol, Lucknow
  • Former Chairman of Expenditure Committee(Lucknow).
  • Former Chairman of High Court Museum and Archive Committee Lucknow
  • Former Member of Screening to designate Advocates as Senior Advocates.
  • Former Chairman of Advocates of Roll Committee

  • Writ Petition No.3648(MB) of 2006, Sudarsha Awasthi Vs. State of U.P. and othhers decided on 23.6.2006(Citizens have been restrained to unauthorised use of black window glasses, red lights, hooters and number plates containing designation of the owner).
  • Writ Petition No.5018(MS) of 2005,Chandrika Prasad Nishad Vs. State of U.P. and others decided on 12.7.2006(dealing with Mafia and their effect with certain guidelines).
  • Writ Petition No.3413(MS) of 2006, Rajendra Vs. Additional Commissioner, Devi Patal Mandal, Gonda and others decided on 23.3.2007(directing State Government to protect and restore ponds, lakes and water resources in the State of U.P. with certain guidelines).
  • 34114 of 2007(FULL BENCH), Tuples Educational Society and other vs. State of U.P. and others decided on 31.3.2008(with regards to private educational institution)
  • FAFO No.100 of 2003, Smt. Akhtari VS. Union of India decided on 12.12.2008(principle governing the payment of compensation on account of accidental death from train).
  • Writ Petition No.9080 of 2007, M/s R.D. Cements Pvt. Ltd. Lucknow Vs. Collector/D.M. Lucknow and others decided on 17.3.2010(right of recovery under U.P.Z.A. and L.R.Act).
  • Writ Petition No.10503(MB) of 2009(PIL), Vishwanath Chaturvedi Vs. Union of India and others decided on 3.12.2010(deals with food scam of the State of U.P. whereby foodgrains have been sent outside the country).
  • Writ Petition No.10159(MB) of 2010, Brij Kishor Verma(P.I.L. Civil) Vs. State of U.P. and others(FULL BENCH) decided on 21.9.2012(issue relating to create new district by the State Government has been Adjudicated and law laid down).
  • Writ Petition No. 1428 (MB) of 2011, Nand Lal Jaishwal Vs The Secy.Govt. of U.P. Decided on 10.01.2012 (write of quo warranto issued restraining the Chairman State Electricity Rgulatory Commission to work with a direction to fill up the vacancy afresh).
  • writ Petition No. 7825 (MB) of 2011, Sadhna Sharma Vs State of U.P. and others decides on 11.02.2012(U.P. Amendment in Section 24 of the CrPC ddeclared ultra vires, illegal and inoperative) restoring the consultation with District Judge for appointment on post of District Government Council Criminal
  • writ Petition No. 7447 (MB) of 2011, Celex Technologies pvt. Ltd. Calcutta and others Vs State of U.P. decided on 3.04.2012(controversy relates to grant to tendor for security plate.Procedure adop[ted by the State Government has been declared illegal )
  • Writ Petition No. 6281 (MB) of 2010, Reliance Industries Vs State of U.P. Decided on 07.09.2012(Centeral Sales Tax vis. as vis. right of State Government to impose trade tax with regard to inter state trade.)
  • Special Appeal No. 399 of 2011, U.P. State Warehousing corporation Vs Sunil Kumar Srivastava decided on 20.03.2013(policy decision-right of temporary vis. a vis. right of State government to impose trade tax with regard to inter state trade.)
  • Special appeal No. 399 of 2011, U.P. State Warehousing Corporation Vs. Sunil umar Srivastava dcided on 20.03.2013(policy decision-right of temporary appointees-juristic personality)
  • Writ Petition No. 8 (SB) of 2010, Ram Surat Mishra Vs. State of U.P. And others (FULL BENCH) decided on 19.07.2013 (Constitution provision with regard to official language of the State and the continuance of disciplinary enquiry after statutory period has been considered and adjudicated. )
  • Writ Petition No. 4909 (MB) of 2006, Shree Narayan Singh Vs. State of U.P. Decided on 08.10.2013(right to property)
  • writ Petition No. 4683 (MB) of 2013, Ranjana Agnihotri(Ms.) and others vs. Union of India Decided on 12.12.2013(FULL BENCH) (interpreted Section 321 of the CrPC dealing with right of the state Government as well as Central Government relates to withdrawal of prosecution.)
  • writ Petition No. 12802 (MISC. BENCH) of 2011, Sachchidanand Gupta (Sachchey)[P.I.L.] Civil Vs Union of India Decided on 31.01.2014 (fund misappropriated under the MANREGA scheme.)

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